16 Oct 2021

How To Find the Best Mortgage Broker


Mortgage brokers provide worthwhile services to homebuyers of all experience levels. Before working with one, it’s important to complete your due diligence. The introduction of best interest duty in Australia helps consumers. 

The best mortgage broker represents your interests. Lenders pay their commission after a loan settles. Thus, the broker is beholden to the lender more than their client. Some brokers represent one lender and their home loan rates. Therefore, they aim to make the client work for the lender. In some cases, that’s not possible.

Finding the best mortgage broker requires research on your part. If you have a lender in mind, find a broker who represents that financial institution. If you have an interest in a particular mortgage product, search for a broker who carries it.

Obtaining a referral aids the research phase. If someone you trust worked with a broker, the broker may help you find your perfect mortgage too. Brokers also provide guidance. Their knowledge is most helpful for first-time buyers. Brokers also have connections to the real estate industry. If you’re an investor, they may point you in the right direction. 

Most mortgage brokers have an online presence. Conduct an online search and narrow down your list to a few. Then, read the reviews. If some stand out, call them and complete a short interview.

Best Mortgage Broker Conclusion

To find the best mortgage broker, start with a referral. It helps to work with a broker who provided outstanding service to someone you trust. Mortgage House works with clients directly. Our loan specialists also work with homebuyers represented by mortgage brokers.

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