15 Nov 2021

10% Deposit Home Loans – Get a Mortgage from Mortgage House

Deposit Home Loans

Mortgage House gives you the opportunity to get a mortgage loan with a 10% deposit. They specialise in transactions like these and offer multiple types of loans such as owner-occupiers, self-managed super fund loans, and investors. They focus on having competitive rates, offering a diverse inventory, and providing excellent customer service.

Mortgage House Loan Types

The loan types are designed to meet multiple customer needs. Variable home loans, the most common, are typically the first choice. Fixed-rate home loans are another option, as are toggle offset home loans. Toggle offsets can be both fixed and variable. 

You can also choose a split home loan, which is similar to a toggle offset, or a portable home loan if you’re relocating to a new property. It means you can take your mortgage with you when you decide to move.

Interest-only loans let you pay the interest portion for a while, and if it’s available, you can also apply for a line of credit for quick money access. Low doc home loans are available if you don’t have evidence of a regular income, and construction home loans are where you pay builders om stages.

Finally, you also have the option of a bridging loan, which allows you to purchase a new home even if you haven’t sold your current one just yet.

Plenty of Options

With so many options to choose from, working with Mortgage House and a 10% deposit makes it easy for you to own your own home.

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