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Why Do You Need a Stamp Duty Online Calculator?

The time has come to purchase a house; you have your deposit and your pre-approval but do you know how much your stamp duty is? It’s exciting buying a house but most singles and couples forget to factor in stamp duty. With our innovative online stamp duty calculator, the guess work is taken out, so you won’t be shocked when stamp duty comes around!

User Friendly

With easy to use toggles and inputs, our Stamp Duty Calculator is the ideal tool for any home buyer.

Understand Stamp Duty

The perfect place to comprehend how much you will have to spend by adding stamp duty on houses.

Reduces Shock Factor

When purchasing a home, many people don’t factor in stamp duty. Our online calculator ensures you know how much you’re up for!

Real Numbers

Our online calculator gives you accurate results when you add stamp duty to mortgage fees.

Assess Your Stamp Duty

Estimate your stamp duty below by easily adjusting the toggles with our calculator.

Stamp Duty Calculator

The price of buying the property
The State/Territory where you will be buying the property
What is the primary use of the property e.g. will it be your main residence or are you buying the property as an investment?
What is the type of the property that you are buying?
Are you a first time buyer of property? You may receive discounts on the stamp duty paid as first time buyer.



Important Disclaimer: This is intended as a guide only. Values used in the calculations are subject to change.

Registration Fee


Transfer Fee


Stamp Duty Fee


Total Stamp Duty Costs


Want to Know More About Stamp Duty?

Still unsure about using our Stamp Duty Calculator? Mortgage House break down the questions about stamp duty here:

What is stamp duty and why do I pay it on my property?

Stamp duty is a tax related to property purchases. It is levied by all Australian states and territories. You will likely need to pay stamp duty no matter where you purchase a house or land in Australia. However, there are incentives and discounts available to first home buyers and other categories. Stamp duty essentially covers the cost of transferring the property title and ownership details.

The stamp duty you pay is calculated according to the property purchase price, the location of the property and the purpose of the loan. By knowing how much stamp duty you need to pay, you can better plan your budget for a mortgage. You can include stamp duty costs in the amount borrowed or pay your stamp duty up front to lower your overall mortgage.

How does a stamp duty calculator work?

The Mortgage House stamp duty calculator is just one of the many resources we offer to help you find the right home loan. Other initiatives include our mortgage borrowing calculator, mortgage repayment calculator, budget planner calculator, switching mortgage calculator and best rate mortgage calculator. The stamp duty calculator is easy to use, providing information that will help you budget, while also easing concerns related to additional loan fees and charges.

Stamp duty is based on the value of the property you want to purchase, not how much money you plan to borrow. Simply select the property value on the stamp duty calculator and select the state you are buying the property in. The calculator also factors whether you are purchasing as an owner-occupier or investor. Different property types also attract varying stamp duty payments, so you will need to choose whether your potential purchase is an established property, newly built, off the plan or vacant land. If you are a first home buyer, you are eligible for savings, so make sure you let your bank or lender know.

What about other types of mortgage calculators?

The Mortgage House stamp duty calculator is just one item in your customer toolkit. We have a range of calculators that can help you find a suitable home loan. Our mortgage repayment calculator allows you to find out how much your repayments can be, along with the interest you will pay over the life of your loan. The borrowing calculator provides a guide for accessing a suitable loan amount according to your income and expenses.

The budget planning calculator keeps you on track while saving, making repayments and balancing finances. Our best rate mortgage calculator allows you to compare the range of Mortgage House loans, taking interest and repayment rates into account for choosing a tailored home loan product. The switching mortgage calculator displays payment variables between your present loan and a new one, helping you decide if it’s a good time to switch. Although the calculators are guides, they give a good indication of the varied services available at Mortgage House.

What does stamp duty mean on a residential property such as a house?

Stamp duty, simply put, is a government tax on the residential property you are purchasing. Also called land transfer duty or conveyancing duty, depending on the state you are in, this tax is an upfront payment you must make when you buy a residential property such as a house.


Is stamp duty based on purchase price?

Stamp duty in Australia varies from state to state. Usually calculated at 3-4% of the property value, it will depend on the price of the property, where you live, market value and other factors. Using our Stamp Duty Calculator, NSW and Australia wide will give you a great indication of how much stamp duty you will pay. Understand more about stamp duty here.

When should I pay stamp duty?

Stamp duty is paid when you purchase your residential property. It will need to be paid upfront and in full before you start paying off your mortgage and before you move into your new home.

Can I claim back stamp duty?

In short, you cannot claim your stamp duty back. There are a multitude of things you can claim back on tax if you purchased an investment property  but stamp duty is not a tax-deductible expense. It is included in the purchase price, so it could be used to reduce any capital gains.

Is stamp duty covered by mortgage?

Stamp duty is not covered by your mortgage and needs to be paid upfront. A mortgage broker will not add additional loans for stamp duty, moving fees or solicitor fees and you will need to have adequate funds or equity to cover these costs. There are other things you should consider when moving and this article breaks them down here.

How much stamp duty would you pay on a 300 000 house?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it will vary from state to state and many other factors. It could be 2% or it could be 4%, it depends on the market value of the property. The best way to get an estimate is by using our Stamp Duty Calculator by keying in your property price !

At what point does stamp duty have to be paid?

Stamp duty needs to be paid out of your cash deposit at the point of purchase. It needs to be paid in full at the point of buying a house to the relevant state or territory government.

How can I reduce stamp duty on my property?

There is no cheat sheet to lessen your stamp duty. This tax is something that everyone needs to pay when purchasing a property. If you are purchasing a house and land package with a home that’s yet to be built, you will only pay stamp duty on the land but the only way to 100% reduce your stamp duty is to choose a cheaper property or piece of land. The best way to assess how much your stamp duty will be is by using our Stamp Duty Calculator.

What is the stamp duty for first time buyers?

Stamp duty still stands at the same rate as second home buyers or investment buyers. In some states, an exemption applies for first home owners. This is included in the First Home Owners Grant and can wipe stamp duty all together. Many factors are needed to be considered with this exemption such as if your partner has purchased property before. Speak to your Mortgage House representative to see if you qualify!

What are the stamp duty rates after March 2021?

Just like any other tax or government fees, they vary from year to year. These rates also change from state to state in Australia. Check out our Stamp Duty Calculator to better understand how much you might pay on stamp duty.

How much is stamp duty on a house in Australia?

Depending on the property price the location of the property, if you will occupy the property, where you live in Australia and other factors will depend on how much stamp duty you pay. Everyone pays stamp duty so understand how much you might pay by using our online Stamp Duty Calculator.

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