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Understanding the benefits of a Bridging loan

Reduce your

Give yourself that extra peace of mind to not have to rush.

Flexibility between buying and selling

Bridging loans make sure you don’t miss out when you are in between transactions.

Learn the ‘bridging loan’ lingo

We will help explain all the financial terms to make things easier

Know how much you can borrow

Use our handy calculator and read our guide to help you prepare.

Give yourself flexibility
when you are buying and selling


Need a way to make it easier to buy and sell at the same time?

Want that flexibility to lean on so things go smoothly?

Prefer not to worry if things suddenly change?


bridging mortgage


We know that buying a new home is a major process in itself – researching all those properties to find just the right one that suits your family lifestyle and budget – it’s never easy.

And then combine that with selling your home at the same time! All that home selling preparation and the whole stressful process of selling the home that you have loved.

Have you considered bridging finance? Here, at Mortgage House we are all about flexibility and clever options to make it easier and stress-free for you.

Why not consider leaning on your current equity to help you buy that new home. It’s unlikely the timing will not line up and you don’t want to miss out on that perfect buy.

A Bridging Loan gives you that flexibility to carry you over when you are in between buying and selling at the same time.

Types of Bridging loans for you

Variable loans

Owner-occupied home loans

Investment home loans

The loan process

There’s 3 Easy Steps

First, we will do a quick ‘equity check’ on your current loan, as the proceeds from that sale are normally used to pay a Bridging loan back.

Our expert lending specialists are here to help you prepare your application – which is usually quicker for this type of loan.

As a Bridging loan is a short-term loan most banks and lenders will agree to bridging mortgages of up to 12 months, in a Single or Separate loan.

A Single Loan uses both properties as security. This is the 6-12 month option, where you aim to sell your existing home in that period. Once your home is sold, the proceeds will be put back into your overall debt and balance.

Or choose a Separate Loan for the house you are purchasing, where you won’t need to make interest payments on this loan during the agreed bridging period. Interest will still accrue, and you will make your normal repayments on your existing loan. When your old home sells, the loan is paid out and any extra debt will need to be negotiated.

Once we have reviewed your application, we will be in touch quickly to confirm your successful outcome, or let you know if we need more details