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What is a Bridging Home Loan and how does it work?

Balancing mortgages while buying a new home and trying to sell your current one can be tricky. Worrying about whether or not you will sell your current house in time to pay for your new one can be stressful.

In an ideal world, it would all happen at once – you would sign on to your new home at the same time as selling your old one. However, at Mortgage House we know life doesn’t always go to plan. That’s why we offer bridging finance. Bridging mortgages were created for the exact problem we just outlined. They allow you to look for your next home, without the worry of having to sell your current one first. They can be the difference between snapping up your dream home and missing out.

What kind of mortgages can Bridging Loans be used with?

Bridging Loans are flexible, and you can use them for a range of property purchases.

Bridging loan options include:

Variable loan
Your bridging home loan can operate as a variable interest rate loan, meaning the interest rate can increase or decrease over the loan period, based on a range of internal and external variables.

Fixed rate loan
A fixed rate home loan means your interest rate is fixed for an agreed period.

Owner-occupied home loan
You can use a bridging loan as an owner-occupied loan, which is a mortgage for a property you intend to live in.

Investment home loan
Bridging loans can be used if you are investing in residential property.


What Bridging Home Loans does Mortgage House offer?

A bridging loan is a short-term loan, and most banks and lenders will agree to bridging mortgages of up to 12 months.

Realistically, that should give you enough time to sell your existing home, especially in the current market. It will also give you a deadline to focus on. While they are short-term only, Mortgage House has a range that can suit you and your property goals: