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What are Low Doc Home Loans and how can they benefit me?

Low Doc stands for low documentation. Low doc home loans can benefit people who don’t have access to the level of information banks and lenders often require for regular home loans. If you are a business owner, contractor or freelancer, you may not be able to provide the proof of income or employment history often requested. Your income may be irregular, but it may still be high enough and stable enough to make the required repayments. At Mortgage House, we can help you find a suitable low doc loan using the documentation you have available, provided your credit history is strong.

What type of Low Doc loans are available?

At Mortgage House, we pride ourselves on working hard to find suitable home loan options, which is why we offer a range of low doc mortgages that can help you reach your property goals. We have a range of different home loan options including:

  • Variable Rate Home Loan. A variable mortgage features an interest rate that can increase or decrease over the life of the loan, influenced by a range of internal and external factors.
  • Fixed Rate Home Loan. With a fixed home loan, your interest rate is fixed for an agreed period, which is usually between 1 and 5 Once the fixed period is over you can negotiate another fixed period, or the loan will revert to a standard variable interest rate.
  • Investment Loan. An investment loan is a mortgage that is used for residential investment, such as an investment property or a small group of units.
  • Owner-Occupied Home Loan. An owner-occupied mortgage is one that is used to buy a property you intend to live in.
  • Principal and Interest Home Loan. With a principal and interest mortgage, the repayments are made up of both the principal amount and calculated interest.
  • Interest Only Home Loan. Interest only mortgages feature repayments that are made up of only the interest amount of the home loan.
  • Construction Home Loan. A construction loan can be a good option if you are building a home. It allows you to pay your builder in phases once agreed stages of the house have been built. You only pay interest on the amount you have paid out.

What Low Doc Home Loans does Mortgage House offer?

The basis of Mortgage House’s mission is to strive to provide loan products and service outcomes tailored to the exact needs of every client. That’s why we are so focused on providing flexible home loans such as low doc mortgages. Our range includes: