18 Mar 2021

How can you invest in property?

How can you invest in property?

If you have the financial means to begin producing extra, side income, purchasing real estate can be a profitable way to earn more money. What is the best way to begin investing in real estate? 


It’s important when seeking to invest in property that you invest with the right type of loan that will benefit you in the long run but also meet your current investment needs. The first loan that may be of use to a real estate investor is a split loan. A split loan allows the investor to choose which parts of the loan will have a fixed interest rate and which will have a variable interest rate. As flexibility is important with investment properties, this loan may be ideal. 


Another beneficial type of loan for an investor is an interest-only loan. Interest-only loans allow the investor to only pay on the interest to the lender for a period of time. This allows the investor to build value in the property before having to pay the principal and interest on the loan. Building equity for a quick flip of the property is a benefit of real estate investment


Real estate investment is a good way to invest for one’s future. It can be difficult to make the payments on multiple properties. Consult with your financial institution regarding the best type of loan for your investment properties to set you up for financial success.


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